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Book Review – Are You My Mother

P.D. Eastman’s 1960 classic tale of love lost and found, Are You My Mother is a simple story, but one with a lot of heart. A little bird is about to hatch and so his mother flies off in search of food and by food I mean a worm (gross), but before she returns the baby bird arrives and goes in search of her. He asks different animals if they, as the title suggests, are his mother, but of course none of the animals are. Don’t worry folks I think we all know how the story turns out and love does indeed conquer all. What makes Are You My Mother in awesome book has to do with one little scene. During the baby bird’s quest he happens not on another animal but a huge piece of construction equipment. He first asks the machine if it is his mother, but he quickly figures out that it couldn’t be his mother. In fact, he says the best line in all of children’s literature. “You are not my mother, you are a scary snort.” Priceless.

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