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Last week The Mommy green lit the addition of yogurt to the baby’s food palette. The results from this grand experiment have been mostly positive with the only draw back being the mess. I would say that LTD had a hard time dealing with the new texture of yogurt, which for lack of a better word is slimy, but he kept wanting more. In the beginning, he would make a slight gagging face after each spoonful and then lick his entire mouth and chin. Now he seems used to yogurt and enjoys it quite a bit. We have been giving him Stonyfield’s YoBaby because it is made with whole milk. The Mommy informed me that babies need only whole milk, which was hard for me to find in yogurt form since most of the products I saw in the store were no fat or reduced fat. Unlike me babies need all the calories they can get since they grow like weeds especially in the first two years. The Mommy also told me that the little guy needs to eat a large amount of calories in a small amount of food, hence the whole milk.

On a separate note, LTD has taken to grabbing my nose when I feed him. After every bite he reaches out grabs my nose and then moves his finger up and down on my eyelashes. I have a team of experts analyzing this new behavior pattern and will keep readers posted on the outcome.

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  • I’m a little behind on your posts, so this might be old news, but… you can almost always find whole milk plain yogurt in the 32 oz tubs, and the added benefit being that it doesn’t have added sugar; the flavored yogurts such as YoBaby do. Add mashed fruit and voila! Perfect yogurt! (Mango was very, VERY popular with my godson.) Whole milk yogurt is also better for mom & dad, btw. 🙂