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The Destroyer

The other day something happened that I knew would happen I just wasn’t ready for it to happen so soon. I mean you put anything in a baby’s hands and you take your chances, this I know to be true. I just wasn’t emotionally ready for it to happen at 10 months. Yes, LTD has ripped his first page out of a book. No, it wasn’t a rare first edition or anything like that, but still disconcerting nevertheless. After I got over the initial shock of the brutal act and had to time to reflect, I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t really his fault. The damage was the result of a clear case of entrapment. I presented him with an object and a situation that was too good to be true. One of his Little Scholastic books has paper fold out that hide pictures that you need to fold or bend out or down to see. LTD is only human and so could not resist the siren call of the fold out tree hiding a squirrel. In the end I know this is merely the beginning of destruction at the hands of my child, but what I have yet to come to terms with is the fact that after he ripped the page out he tried to eat it.

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