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Tales From the Bathroom

Being a parent is a lot like being a spy. I’m talking real Jason Bourne type stuff. When he walks in a room he scopes out all the potential threats and exits. When I walk into a room I scope out all the possible places to change a diaper. Also like any good spy I need the best high tech equipment and when it comes to restroom-changing tables some make me feel like James Bond while others leave me feeling like Maxwell Smart. Why should it matter you ask, well for one thing a lot of public restrooms suffer from an extreme lack of quality and so the better the changing table the less gross I feel spending time amongst the filth. Recently, I have had great luck finding some pretty hardcore stations.

The Cadillac of stations is the Diaper Deck. The Deck features a paper towel holder and a deep concave bed. I actually feel safe using it. Another nice station is Rubbermaid’s Sturdy Station 2. The Sturdy Station also has a deep bed and feels safe. In a perfect world you are suppose to use the straps, but I doubt many people do, since using a strap that lives in a public restroom buries the needle on the gross scale. In terms of not great restroom changing stations I think the Koala Kare tables have a shallow bed and truly don’t feel safe. Lastly, whatever you do, don’t get me started on the fact that some store and restaurant restrooms only put a changing table in the ladies room. Those storeowners are lucky that I don’t know Krav Maga like Jason Bourne.

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