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Say it Don’t Spray It

The mess LTD makes while eating increases in direct proportion to the increases in his food choices. Yogurt makes a particularly nice mess as does cheese. However, everything we have fed him so far pales in comparison to the mess he makes with his mouth. You haven’t truly lived until you’ve seen a baby blow a raspberry with a mouth full of mashed up peas. If this hasn’t happened to you, then you don’t as of yet know the joy of getting mush sprayed onto your face by your own creation. Of course the little guy lets out his requisite laugh after each blown raspberry.

The real challenge for me and The Mommy is that we can’t help but laugh as well which sends a mixed signal to LTD. I can only hope that he is too young to figure out our conflicting messages and I hope that we are cured of the habit when he is old enough to really notice. On another food related matter, things are pretty gross with the green foods like peas and avocado, but they are not in the same league with the dark colored foods. Lets put it this way; I won’t tell you what it looks like when he is done eating prunes.

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