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Product Review – Ultimate Crib Sheet

LTD hasn’t spit up in a long time and he doesn’t wet the bed yet, but I am reminded of a product that does it’s job so well I often forget about it. Basic Comfort’s Ultimate Crib Sheet has been in LTD’s crib since day one, after The Mommy was told it was a must-have item. The crib sheet like a school crib sheet helps you cheat by not having to use a mattress pad, fitted sheet and absorbent pad. The big selling point is the water resistant top layer and an inner pad that absorbs any accident from either end of the baby.

When the time comes to wash the crib sheet you unsnap the eight elastic straps. The sheet is suppose to fit most cribs and it basically fits ours, but the straps don’t align great with the crib model we have, which isn’t really a problem. Thanks to the baby registry we have two so that we never go without coverage. I will be curious to see how well the Ultimate Crib Sheet holds up to LTD wetting the bed, however we have a while to go before things start to happen in that department and in theory he may never do it. Yeah, right.

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