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Product Review – Dr. Seuss Superbib

KISS. No, not the rock band and no, the thing you do with your lips behind the wood shed. KISS as in Keep it Simple Stupid. It is with that motto in mind that I present the Superbib by Bumkins. Sure the bib is waterproof, has a food catcher pocket and it comes in bright fun colors featuring childhood favorite Dr. Seuss, but what makes the Superbib, well super is that fact that the Velcro is on the side instead of in the back. This one little feature makes this bib so user friendly that The Mommy and I rarely use different ones. We have put the bib in the wash numerous times without damage or loss of effectiveness. Why am I so passionate all of a sudden about bibs? LTD is nine and half months now and new food is getting introduced at a rapid pace. A pace almost equal to the amount of food flying around. The dog is a happy but I am not. My only regret is that the Superbib doesn’t come in full body.

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