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Product Review – DadGear

As a rule when it comes to baby products targeted at dads I get nervous. They reek of either trying to hard to be clever or trying way to hard to be hip and cool. In fact you get the feeling if people didn’t need to find Father’s day gifts most of these products wouldn’t exist. However, DadGear keeps their products simple with an eye towards making your life easier. I will admit they walk the tight line between necessary and why not. As a New Englander I love my fleece and so the Cargo Jacket fits right into my extensive collection. The big feature of the Cargo Jacket is the multiple pockets. I have never met a guy who didn’t love pockets. The jacket has so many pockets that the one on the lower back is reserved specifically for a changing pad.

Every parent knows that there are certain items you can’t have enough of, with tissues being high on that list. The Cargo Jacket provides plenty of room so you don’t have any excuse not to have extra wipes or puffs. You do feel as if you are trekking in the jungle on a survival adventure with the Swiss Army knife of jackets. The drawback to all thse pockets is that at DadGear they …”oversize their items to accommodate your necessities so products run larger than normal.” I can see how some people would not be able to get used to the large look and feel which makes the jacket perfect for a long day trip, but a little awkward for daily use.

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