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Product Review – Bebe au Lait

This week, we consult The Mommy for our review since I have never actually used the product. The Bebe au Lait Nursing Covers and Hooter Hiders have become a staple in our collection of baby gear when we leave the house. Don’t take me word for it; let’s get the 411 straight from the source. “At first I used it because I wanted privacy,“ said The Mommy. She added, “but now [that LTD is ten months] I really use it to close him off from the outside world so he doesn’t get distracted when I’m feeding him in public.” The Mommy also mentioned that she knows of nursing working moms who have used the Bebe au Lait to cover up when they are pumping in the back of their cars in the office-parking garage. She also called it a giant boob tent, but that may have been off the record.

While I can’t review the product from the point of view of someone who has used it, I will add that I feel like by this point I know what kind of taste The Mommy has and she enjoys the Bebe au Lait for an additional reason other than the fact that it is practical. She likes the “good quality fabric and beautiful designs.” I knew she was going to say that. I also knew she was going to say, “It makes me want one in every style and design.” Sadly, we are going to be weaning LTD in the near future, so LTD’s college fund is safe for now.

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  • I fear I am that friend that uses the cover in many an awkward pumping situation. Back seat of my boss’ car (while driving of course), to cover up on the highway when a pick-up full of dudes pulls up to get a closer look when pumping in the passenger seat, covering up on trains and planes, office parking garages, I could go on……

    Bottom line, this is probably the most valuable item I own for a nursing and working mommy besides the pump itself! Worth every penny.