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Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner… Except Baby

For the past few weeks now LTD has adopted a new sleep behavior. In the past he has always moved around the crib and flipped head to toe or toe to head, but now he has does something for lack of a better word, weird. He sleeps in the corner. Ever since he started to sleep on his stomach, (the doctor said it was fine for him not to be on his back since he was strong enough to flip by himself) he drives his head into one of the crib’s corners to enjoy night-night time. The Mommy and I can only stare and laugh. Sometimes it feels like he is burrowing and other times it looks like he just ended up there from tossing and turning. Does it look comfortable? No, it does not, but he seems to really like it so we file this one under, areas where babies are different than adults.

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  • Sometimes I think Teddy feels like his crib is too big and misses closer quarters. Maybe your little one is the same and seeks the corner because it makes the space seem more cozy?