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Like Gag me with a Spoon?

As LTD closes in on ten months of age, it seems every day brings new developments and behavior patterns. One recent protocol has me in not an insignificant amount of pain. LTD feels like in order to explore his world and develop into a healthy human he must stick his fingers in my mouth and either grab my lip, my teeth or shove them down my throat to see how far they will go. I always knew that babies spend a lot of time with their fingers in their own mouths, but no friend, book or prenatal class ever said anything about him putting them in my mouth with an alarming amount of regularity.

We are talking about what I feel is an extreme level of focus when he grabs my lip or teeth. He is locked in like a laser beam and gets more focused the farther out he pulls my lip. Another issue has come up because when I tell him ‘no, that hurts’, he laughs or smiles, which can’t be a good sign for the not to distant future event of turning two. Well, like many baby related behaviors here’s hoping it’s just a phase.

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