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In the Army Now

When you tell people your baby is 10 months old they usually ask one question. Is he crawling yet? And my answer has always been no. Well, my friends the answer has changed. LTD has spent many months rolling everywhere, making me dizzy, but getting where he needs to go. If he wanted a toy he would stretch for it and look like he was about to crawl, but in the end he would just roll over. Not any more. Last week, there was a toy straight ahead, he really wanted it and boy did he get it. Using what he learned in basic training, he pulled himself forward with his arms and wiggled his legs to propel forward like a little warrior.

The event was rich with emotion for both of us. Okay, just me, but it was moving for both of us. I watched it happen from start to finish. I watched him figure it out and I watched him get his toy as a reward for his hard work. Even though I have been staying home with the little guy for 7 months now I still don’t really feel like a parent. I mean when I think of a parent I think of Mike Brady, Cliff Huxtable or Ozzie Nelson, but I’m here to tell you watching LTD crawl for the first time made me feel like someone’s father.

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