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Fire in the Hole

The other day The Mommy and I were in the grocery store and took a stroll down the baby food aisle. We are always on the look out for new items that are age appropriate. LTD reaching nine months of age and his eight teeth have allowed us to expand his horizons. The time had arrived for the product known as teething biscuits. We picked up Healthy Times Biscuits For Teethers. With LTD strapped in to his high chair and the tray fastened we decided to see if he would enjoy a biscuit. The biscuit went right to his mouth, but it didn’t stay there long. He had no problem with the taste but the length and texture of the teether were too much for the little guy’s hands. Under different circumstances I don’t think the dropping of the biscuit would have mattered, but the kitchen floor provided an inhospitable environment for the biscuit. You see, the impact from the high chair sized drop caused the biscuit to turn into three sharp pieces of shrapnel. The Mommy, LTD and I decided that collectively we are not ready for biscuits and when we are he might eat them closer to the ground, much to the delight of the dog.

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