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Babysitting in 3D

2010 brought the family a rare event. The Mommy and I went on our first movie date in nine months. Here’s what happened, friends of ours asked us to watch their nine month old so they could go see Avatar on Saturday. A bulb went off in my head and I quickly told The Mommy we’d do it. That is to say we’d do it if they watched LTD on Friday so we could go see the movie first. Everything worked out well and we all got to see this small little indy gem of a film and help its meager ticket sales. Here is my official Avatar review. I have heard the movie described as FernGully: The Last Rainforest meets Dances with Wolves and that is a perfect description of the plot. However, on the big screen in 3D the movie was awesome looking and was truly the first CGI flick to not look like a video game. A true spectacle. Do I have any desire to ever see it without the 3D and on the small screen, no, I do not.

As for the babysitting, the other couple took great care of LTD so we had to deliver the same level of care or we would look like big jerks. There was only one slight problem. Their son not only crawls, he cruises. Turns out that in between crawling and walking there is cruising, which is when the baby uses his hands to lean and walk around furniture. I always thought that since I take care of LTD all day anyway I should run a small in home daycare center. Well, my eyes were bigger than my stomach on that front because even with The Mommy helping me, it was a lot of work watching two little guys. I don’t know what I will do when LTD starts crawling or walking, but I have one thought on the subject. I won’t be getting much done during the day anymore.

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