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Why Not Just Toss It

Jaguars Patriots FootballThe little guy has picked this week to demonstrate to the world that he is in fact a boy. He has announced his dominance by throwing everything he picks up. Mostly it has been the donut rings from the Fisher Price stacking toy that has been around since the invention of toys. Due to the fact that he has limited arm strength, he can’t throw things far so it makes it easy for me to retrieve any items so of course he can throw them again. Occasionally, the rings will roll far away and that will force me to actually move which I am not a fan of. Also, there has been a few times during his wind back where he clocks me in the face with a toy he is about to throw and I will be the first to admit that it does not tickle.

He began the process of learning to throw by practicing the distance cousin to throwing known as dropping. Dropping consists of two of parts, the first is when he drops something and the second is when I pick it up. Does he ever get tired of it? No way. Do I? Yes way. What never ceases to amaze me is that he can zero in on a toy reach for it and pick it up and then just as quickly he can drop it. It seems like a lot of effort just to drop something, but one has to let baby be baby. So for now it seems I am stuck with objects either being dropped or thrown and it doesn’t feel like there is an end in sight.

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  • Dear Readers of beyondthecarseat.com,

    I must let it be known that today is ProudDad’s birthday. I won’t tell you his age – let’s just say he’s creeping toward the big one – but I will say that every year, he gets better and better. And this year, especially, on his birthday, I want to publicly say thank you to the most wonderful husband and father that LTD and I could ever hope for.

    His daily entries give you just a glimpse into his role as a stay at home dad, but there’s so much more he’s not telling you. He’s not just the entertainment, folks! He does everything from feeding, cleaning, changing and nurturing our growing baby boy to making homemade baby food, washing and folding laundry (that includes re-assembling CLOTH diapers!), grocery shopping, and walking and feeding the dog. He even makes me tea & oatmeal every morning and sterilizes my breast pump every single night. He takes care of us, makes us both laugh, and I’m grateful every day that we have him in our lives. And no, you can’t have him.

    Happy Birthday, honey. I love you very much.
    The Mommy

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