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Product Review – Rainforest Jumperoo

K6070_d_6Now that the baby is always on the go or really I should write that he is always on a roll since he can’t quite crawl yet, in order to get anything done we occasionally have to put him in the Jumperoo. 90% of the time he loves the thing and doesn’t at all get that it is a place we put him when we don’t want him around. The Mommy insisted we get last years Fisher Price style the Rainforest instead of their current Precious Planet line, which she says is (I redacted the word since it is not family friendly). The only thing to remember about the Jumperoo is that it is not a place to stick the kid when you need a nap because he, as the name implies, jumps up and down and spins which are actions that are the opposite of silent. The Jumperoo also comes with a music box that plays animal noises that I usually keep turned off.

The Jumperoos best feature is that it is adjustable allowing it to grow with the baby. The seat comes off and can go in the wash, which is a feature we have had to employ as the jumping motion has on occasion K6070_d_9caused the little guy to literally lose his lunch. The Mommy read somewhere about not leaving a baby in a jumper for longer than 15 minutes at a stretch because prolonged use can affect their development, something about them not being able to see their legs. My only sadness comes when I really want to try and get at least one thing checked off my to do list and LTD refuses to go in the Jumperoo, thankful those times are rare.

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