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Product Review – TinyDiner

p_tiny_features2The mess has arrived. Teeth are gnashed. Puffs fly freely. Pears fall. Water is spilled. Action must be taken, but how. I’ll tell you how, by using the Tiny Diner mat by Kiddopotamus. Sure LTD is in the high chair at home, but we have to be on damage control when eating at a restaurant or visiting friends and family. The TinyDiner is one of those products you appreciate because clearly someone put a lot of thought and experience into it. Unlike some products that don’t seem like they were designed by a human being for real world use, the TinyDiner is a game day player. The first thing you notice is that the mat has suction cups on the bottom to hold it in place when the little guy tries to yank it off the table. The mat is also washable and is made without BPA and other harmful leaching toxins. Perhaps the best feature is what I call the trap trench that hangs under the table and catches all the food bits. Lastly, the mat folds up (sort of neatly) for easy transport. My only sadness is that I would love to use the TinyDiner when I pig out, but I fear the stares I would attract would outweigh the joy I would feel by making a mess of myself.

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