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Product Review – The Safe Sippy

415eNXmL66L._SS500_Now that he is almost nine months old, one of the things LTD loves to do is drink water out of the cup like a big boy. However, almost every time we give him a sip from a cup he starts coughing, forcing The Mommy to say, ‘wrong pipe.’ This is of course not news to anyone who has ever been around a baby, hence the invention of the so-called sippy cup. Yet, in these troubling times one must be careful about plastics and metals due to the chemical phenomenon known as leaching. With eco concerns in mind The Mommy and I are psyched about The Safe Sippy by Kid Basix.

The Safe Sippy is made from stainless steel to avoid all the issues now associated with plastics. The cup has rubber on the outside and handles for the little guy to grip. LTD can hold the cup, but he can’t really 31QJYYvaCnL._SL500_AA280_drink out of it by himself just yet. The Safe Sippy 2 features a travel plug, dust cover, and straw for when the little guy gets older. So far we have only given him water but the Doc said we could mix in some apple or pear juice with water but I guess we are waiting until he doesn’t drip quite so we can prevent a sticky situation. All in all I really like sippy cups because in the end they are another tool in my toolbox to distract LTD when he is about to have a meltdown.

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  • Tip: Use a Sippy Secure Strap by sippystuff.com to attach the sippy to the baby’s restaint to keep it from falling on the floor and in baby’s reach.