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Please Hold the Applause to the End

applauseLast week The Mommy decided to teach LTD to clap and she was successful, for the most part. It seems the little guy has no problem clapping when we clap or even sometimes when we say, ‘can you clap’, but he mostly does the deed with either two closed fists or one. He can’t make that recognizable clap sound instead his happy face makes his intentions clear. However the clapping took a dark turn recently on our Thanksgiving trip to Maine. On Black Friday we went to Target at the end of the day figuring it wouldn’t be crowded. When we got to the store it was very dark inside but people were shopping. Their power had gone out and the generator was powering the registers and a few lights. As we were walking the aisles (picking up seasons one and two of 30 Rock on the cheap) the lights suddenly came on and people cheered and clapped. The little guy didn’t like this one bit and made the saddest face he has ever made without actually crying. So now we keep our mellow clapping to only those situations when he is in his happy place.

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