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Please don’t do that at the Table

strain 6We have been feeding LTD in his high chair for awhile now, in fact he has grown quite comfortable in it, perhaps too comfortable. Often when we are feeding the little guy we have to stop and wait while he does his wicked business. Clearly there is something about the act of eating that makes him go number two. His forehead turns reddish purple and he makes the tell tale grunt indicating to all people that he is doing his part to keep the diaper companies in business.

LTDs feeding/pooing ritual has become so common that we now provide him with a newspaper and hold all his calls when he is at the ‘office’. What I really think is funny that we get into a grove feeding him and he is sucking down some apples and blueberries and all of a sudden we need to pause. Pause not for him to quietly reflect on his delicious meal, but a pause so he can look like he is turning into the hulk. Will the joys of parenthood ever stop?

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