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Peek a Boo for One

Another one of LTD’s newly acquired nine month old tricks is to put his hands above his head. The Mommy thinks this act is wicked funny since his head is seemingly so much bigger than his body and the little guy has to go around it when he puts his hands up. Mostly he uses this new skill to tap the side of his head for reasons that perhaps only he knows. He completes this action by using toys, books or his open hand, all in effort to communicate, explore or knock himself out.

However, the most exciting thing he does now that he can lift his hands over his head is to play peek a boo without our help. The little guy takes a burp cloth or blanket and puts it over his face then pulls it down to reveal his laughing face as we say peek a boo. Truly the best part of this exercise is when LTD starts to laugh before he pulls the cloth down because he knows that he is about to hear a big loud peek a boo. It is moments like this that make The Mommy and me realize that he has his own personality and isn’t a house plant any more.

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