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One Turkey, Eight Teeth

53903_wild_turkeyLTD’s first Thanksgiving, left The Mommy and me a lot to be thankful for, but the one thing we are most grateful for is that we are still alive. Our trip to Maine was packed with exciting days and terrifying de7_baby_teethnights. It seems LTD picked Thanksgiving weekend to get four new teeth. After four nights in a row without sleep, you begin to realize what it is like to stare into the abyss and have the abyss stare back. Hats off to The Nana who suffered with us during our stay and discovered that when a baby visits you should be careful what you wish for. Of course, the little guy was happy as a clam during the day and enjoyed our two trips to LL Bean. He even sort of enjoyed his first ever bite of turkey and by enjoyed, I mean he enjoyed playing with it on the mat and enjoyed watching me use my finger to get it of his mouth when he made the worst face I have ever seen someone make after he tasted it. LTD was also a good boy during the car ride especially after The Mommy and the dog switched seats so she could sit next to him. The dog spent the trip getting hair all over the dashboard and LTD spent most of it asleep. Hopefully, we will all get back to our routines, so that I don’t have to return to zombie mode and LTD’s second Thanksgiving will be spent using the teeth, he battled for, to eat turkey.

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