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yoga_master2The other day LTD was sitting and playing on the floor and I glanced down to check on him and I noticed he was folded in half. The first thing I thought was that if I tried to do that we would all be making a quick trip to the emergency room, the second thing I thought was that it would be funny to put the little guy folded in a suitcase and show The Mommy as a joke and the last thing I thought was that the suitcase bit wouldn’t be as funny to The Mommy as it would be to me and again I would be making a trip to the emergency room. LTD practices a form of baby yoga designed for less relaxation and fitness, and more for sucking on his own toes.

Baby yoga is nothing new, they have classes, videos and books, but I prefer to let LTD learn on his own allowing me not to have to do anything. However, The Mommy is really into yoga or she was until LTD somehow managed to takeyoga up most if not all of her free time. So perhaps it is now time for the two of them to do yoga together while I practice another ancient spiritual skill set known to only a small band of chosen people called a nap.

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