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Look Who’s Talking Too

51Y8SBE50YL._SL500_AA280_We have talked before about the baby making early speaking sounds like ‘maa’ and ‘baa’, but now it is me who is babbling. It seems taking care of the little guy full time has driven me a tad batty. The good news is that the cheese hasn’t slipped too far off my cracker and I only really have two symptoms of baby caregiver madness. The symptoms are similar; the first is that I talk to myself a lot during the day under the guise of talking to LTD. This practice gives me the illusion that I spend my days with other people and have my own water cooler moments. The problem with my self-chatter is that it appears I don’t always shut it off. My babbling mostly occurs in the car when I say things out loud like, ‘do we take a left turn’ or ‘should we get gas” and the adult passenger replies, ‘how should I know.’ Turns out that I am having trouble switching from speaking out loud and thinking to myself and of course I blame the baby.

The second symptom is a result of sleep depervation and is basically the opposite of the first symptom which is that I think things to myself that I should be saying out loud. For instance, a few weeks ago, while I was in full on zombie mode, I was in my favorite restaurant, Cosi and I was staring that the menu for a long time and the clerk asked me for my order and I said, ‘didn’t I just give it too you’. I actually ordered in my head and thought I was talking to her. Not good. Not good at all. The biggest deal regarding my condition is that I foresee no end in sight. Unless you count the fact that I spend way too much time talking to actual adults like grocery clerks and postal employees who find out pretty quick that it was a mistake to say, ‘hello, how are you?” That’s healthy, right?

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