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Well, This is Frustrating

Have you ever tried to crawl and all that happened was you kept rolling over and over? Well, if you have then you and LTD have a whole lot in common. The poor little guy is trying very hard to reach forward and grab a toy but in order to accomplish this seemingly simple goal he needs to propel himself forward using a method babies call crawling. He is very close, but when he tries to crawl he strains for a bit then rolls over and then to show he isn’t down in the dumps about not being able to crawl, he keeps rolling until I don’t know where he is.

armyOne of the parenting books suggested we put a toy or some other baby loving object just out of his reach to encourage him to crawl, but so far doing this has only made him angry. You have to admire his gumption though, instead of being defeated by his lack of crawling ability he redoubles his efforts at rolling and now I need a map and a compass to find him, he can roll so far so fast. On the bright side we haven’t completed the childproofing and so every day he can’t crawl is a day I don’t have to worry about him drinking from the dog’s water bowl.

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