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The Power of Speech

mossbackfarmaprillambsWe are way past coos and ahhs, LTD has granted us an audience with his melodic voice and blessed us with the gift of lovely words. Is he reciting Shakespeare you ask? Is he presenting the poems of Keats? Is he singing the love theme from Ice Castles? No, he is doing none of these things, but what he is doing is saying, ‘Baa’ and ‘Maa.’ For the last several weeks he has been serenading us with a chorus of ‘baa, baa, baa, baa’ or ‘maa, maa, maa’ and various combinations of each. Normally, he lets loose with a string of them at a time, but what truly cracks The Mommy and me up is when he lets out a lone ‘Baa.’ It feels like LTD uses the string of ‘baas’ to mean one thing and the lone ‘baa’ to mean another. Don’t think I haven’t forgiven him for saying ‘ma-ma’ first instead of ‘da-da’, but I console myself by believing it is a marathon, not a sprint and that he says ‘ma-ma’ when he is looking at the couch.

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