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The Drive Thru Dilemma

drive-thru1231521992In keeping with this weeks car seat theme let me tell you about something I have been forced to add to our routine. I give you the drive thru. Now that LTD is no longer in the infant carrier I can no longer just run into a store, I need to figure out where to put the little guy. The solution to some of my mid-day snacking needs would seem obvious, the drive thru window. However, most the places I want to go don’t really offer that option. I am left with fast food, which is basically off limits for health reasons, but I will confess a secret enjoyment of Wendy’s. Also on the banned list is Starbucks, a place I didn’t used to have a problem with, but the second I had a baby, I vowed to never spend any money there in protest of a 4 dollar cup of hot chocolate*. I will also admit that I have visited the previously banned Dunkin’ Donuts as the price is more in keeping with LTD’s college fund balance actually growing. The bank’s drive up ATM is now something I partake of, even if I have to drive so close to the thing that I come close to clipping my side mirror every time. I guess there are drive thru dry cleaners but 99% of the time I don’t have anything that needs to be dry cleaned. Oh, who are we kidding, I never have anything that needs to be dry-cleaned. Especially, since I stopped wearing suits when I changed LTD’s diaper.

*Please note: Dunkin’s white hot chocolate is extremely disgusting.

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