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The Big Boy Seat

BRX1101_lI mean he’s only a baby, but heavy is heavy. Last week marked the end of LTD’s time in the infant carrier. He didn’t hit the weight or height limits, he did however hit the ‘daddy’s arm hurts’ limit. The Britax Convertible Car Seat in Onyx finally got its day in the sun after eight months in the closet. I dig the fact that it is really easy to now get the little guy in and out of the car. I don’t dig the fact that there is nowhere to put him now, as we get ready to leave or arrive. We used to strap him into the infant carrier and put on our jackets and grab our keys, but now we have to leave him on the play mat hoping he doesn’t wig out. Occasionally, we stand him up in the Kokopax and let him chill while we gather our things. Let’s not forget the juggling act that now occurs in holding him and trying to pick up the library books to return, my peach Snapple iced tea and the diaper bag.

And then there is the common phenomenon known as’ sleeping baby car seat syndrome’. Obviously, when we used the infant carrier we could leave him in the thing to sleep forever, but now it is a crapshoot whether or not he will wake up when we take him out. Who are we kidding he always wakes up. We also get that head slump that happens to sleeping babies in the car seat. The good news is that with some toys at the ready, he seems to enjoy the big boy seat and that is all that matters because the screams of a baby echo wicked bad inside a car.

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