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Stay Still, Not a Chance

changeChanging LTD’s diaper was never fun, but for the most part it was relatively quick and painless. Well, the worm has turned. Ignoring the new smells his eating solids has created, he has decided on a course of action if you will. A mission statement regarding how he is going live his life. LTD has determined that he no longer wants to remain still. His new mantra being, give me squirmy or give me a bottle. The little guy flips and flops on the changing table that like Frankenstein we now have to strap him down. The straps prevent him from flipping, but not kicking. The diaper station looks like a wrecking ball has hit it when we are done changing him. It’s bad enough I have to almost touch poo on a daily basis, but to get kicked in the head for my troubles seems unfair.

LTD’s antics are not confined to just the changing table, he loves to wriggle and squirm during dressing and when we put him in the car seat. Dressing isn’t so bad as he has sort of figured out how to put his arms through the sleeves for us, but the car seat is the real challenge. Sometimes he stands up in the thing using reverse psychology. He knows we will be looking for the squirm so he goes rigid. Very clever, until we figured out a counter move, distraction. The Mommy goes all silly and gets right up in his grill and he is left powerless as his laughter allows us to conform his body to the seat.

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