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Special Product Review – Fisher-Price Rainforest Color Changing Sun Shades

shadeAs hardcore members of the Beyond the Car Seat nation know I don’t give negative product reviews. My thinking being that if a product sucks I won’t bother doing the courtesy of acknowledging that it even exists. However, I have decided to break my silence by highlighting the lameness of the Fisher-Price Rainforest Color Changing Sun Shade. We purchased this simple item and stuck it on the car windows, but never really need it since LTD was in the infant car carrier and the carrier cover blocked his face anyway. The firefighter who certified that we installed our car seat correctly told us that the suction cup shades weren’t good because anything that can fly off during an accident would turn in to a projectile.

Now that LTD has moved to the big boy car seat we actually needed the shades to work and man let me tell you they didn’t. The harsh rays of our nearest star burned brightly through the carsun_2 window and the shade to turn my little guy’s cheek a rosy red. Thankfully the color went away quickly, but The Mommy and I were outraged. I opened the car door and looked through the shaded window at the sun and then looked directly at the sun without the shade, there was no difference. The Mommy and I set off for Target to purchase the Eddie Bauer sun stick on sunshade that makes the car look like a limo with tinted glass. Now LTD is able to rest his fair skin and has the added benefit on ordering me around as his chauffer. In conclusion, what did it take for me to write the first negative review in the history of this website? It took the Fisher-Price Rainforest Color Changing Sun Shade. They should call it the Fisher-Price Rainforest Color Non-Changing Let the Sun in Non-Shade.

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  • Too bad those don’t work because they are absolutely adorable. I’ve seen those sorts of shades before, but never in a style that changes color, and I guess we know why now!

    It really is a shame that this shade isn’t effective.