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Product Review – NoJo Secure-Me Travel Seat

pTRU1-5341445regCar seat week continues as I have been forced to figure out where to put LTD now that he is out of the infant carrier. As many long time Beyond the Car Seat readers know, one of the only places open after I drop off The Mommy at her car pool is the grocery store. I used to put the little guy’s carrier in the cart and wander around seeing what’s new at the store (answer, not much). It was clear that the time was right for a shopping car cover. We picked up the Secure-Me travel seat and it has worked pretty well. It took me a few tries to install it correctly but now I think I can use it the right way. It has two pieces one for the shopping cart handle and one for the seat part. Once I strap the little guy in tight we are good to shop with only the occasional listing to the side.

The Secure-Me can also be used with those wooden restaurant high chairs and we have done so on several occasions with mixed results. No seat on Earth is going to be able to get a baby to sit still if he doesn’t want to. The third use for the Travel Seat, after he is a little bit bigger, is with a regular chair. So far one of the only problems I have encountered with the Travel Seat is what to do if I don’t find a parking space at the grocery store next to a shopping cart because it is a slightly difficult to hold him while installing the seat in the cart, but I am getting better with practice.

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