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Product Review – Maclaren Techno XLR

maclaren_techno_xlr-400-400When you find out your wife is with child you go through a range of emotions and most of them are in the joy family of feelings. After the news sinks in, ones thoughts drift toward the financial aspect of bringing up baby. In the end you accept the fact that you are going to drop a whole lot of scratch and continue to do so for many, many years. However, The Mommy and I decided not to go nuts in the extravagant baby products division and in our research we didn’t really have to. One of the areas we did agree on was that we needed a good, solid stroller and this meant it would not be without a heavy money toll. Thankful, LTD’s Nana stepped up to the plate and was kind enough to hook us up in style by getting us the BMW of strollers the Maclaren Techno XLR.

Why did we get such a pricey stroller? Because with certain products you truly do get what you pay for and in the stroller category it is better not to be pennywise pound-foolish. You use the stroller strollera whole lot and it gets a lot of wear and tear going in and out of the trunk and over all sorts of rough terrain. The Maclaren is known for both the easy of use when opening and closing and also that the wheels are smooth enough that you can push it with one hand. The main reason we wanted the Maclaren is that we will use it until LTD is old enough to drive and we will also use it for the next kid. The Techno XLR model comes with a bar you attached in order to put most infant car carrier seats in the stroller. Do I feel like a yuppie when I push the Maclaren down the street? I guess not since I don’t think the term yuppie is being used anymore, but I am glad that the stroller is one baby related thing that doesn’t give me a headache.

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