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Product Review – Maclaren Strollers

vertical1It seems last weeks product review was a bit premature. The world wild web is blowing up huge with outrage not at the fact that all Maclaren strollers are apparently death traps, but the extremely poor way the company handled it’s recent recall. Okay, I’m exaggerating slightly, turns out that Maclaren is sending out a hinge cover for every single stroller they sold in the US since 1999. Why? Because there have been 12 reported cases of finger tip amputation, which when you apply that term to babies sounds just as horrific as I imagine it is. Maclaren didn’t announce their recall until Tuesday, November 10, 2009 because they needed time to get the recall website up and running. Only one small problem with that, the news leaked on the Net on the previous Friday and one of the instructions was for parents to completely and immediately stop using the strollers. Ouch. It makes me sad to think that Maclaren (the BMW of stroller companies) didn’t realize that when they called every store in America that sells their strollers to inform them about the recall that one of the store employees might leak the news and a little thing called the Internet would break the story all over the world. However, we will still be using the stroller, as it was really expensive, unless there is another recall and then I think it will become clear that we will have to join the class action lawsuit that I’m sure would follow any second recall.

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