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Product Review – Happy Baby Organic Puffs

Happy Baby - 00119Here is a classic dilemma that has happened to all of us. You love to feed yourself, but can’t hold a spoon without making an unbelievably big mess. LTD is not immune to this condition, but we have found a pretty good solution. I give you Happy Baby Organic Puffs. These bad boys look like Cheerios and like M&M’s they melt in the mouth not in the hands. The puffs come in Apple, Banana and Green. You guessed it; the Green flavor is packed with delicious kale. LTD really loves feeding himself with these and they occupy his time when he is in the high chair waiting for us to prepare his meals. Now I know what you are thinking, surely he doesn’t get everyone of the puffs in his mouth and they must end up all over. Of course they do, but that is where the dog comes in, everybody wins.

The puffs have an added feature that cracks me up. To be environmentally aware, Happy Baby shares the manufacturing of the container with the cleaning brand method. Method uses their containers forMethodBathroomWipes cleaning wipes. So after the baby has made a mess with the puffs you can clean them up with a wipe and always use the same style container and you could even build a special shelf system for them in the pantry if you were crazy, so again everybody wins.

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    NEW 11/24-Happy Baby Organic Puffs snacks. The green ones are kale flavored.

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  • Confession: The Mommy likes puffs too. Sometimes, when I get home from work and am feeding LTD before I’ve had dinner myself, I sneak a few, or let LTD feed me, too.

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