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h1We thought the day would never come, we hoped and hoped and finally the gods smiled on us. At long last, our pediatrician’s office received the H1N1 vaccine for LTD’s age group. Now, I know what you are thinking, why get the vaccine if it was given to the US government by aliens so they can put tracking devices in people, but The Mommy and I decided to get it for LTD anyway. The H1N1 or “Swine Flu” as the kids on the street call it, isn’t really any different from the seasonal flu but both can really create a scary situation for babies. We are talking automatic Tamiflu, a path that could lead to pneumonia and an unbelievably crappy week without sleep for everyone.

Our pediatrician’s office is great, they sent us many emails keeping us updated on when the vaccine would arrive. In fact, their last one was pretty funny. They were wicked upset that not only was the H1N1 late, but that the shipment of seasonal vaccine was now also delayed. They urged us to write our Senators and join them in angry protest. When the H1N1 vaccine email told us that it arrived it instructed us to keep calling the office’s special number until someone answered. The Mommy, reliving her days of trying to get New Kids on the Block tickets tried calling for half-n-hour before getting through to make the appointment. Thank the fates we were able to make the same day appointment they gave us or who knows what would have happened. LTD took the shot like a champ, got a Bugs Bunny band-aid and is feeling fine, except for the fact that he is now under the control of our alien overlords.

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