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LTD is in the infant car carrier for just a little while longer, that thing is getting heavy, and I still leave him in it when we put him in a shopping cart or go to a restaurant. Most restaurants have those new style wooden high chairs that the carrier sort of fits in, but not real well. In fact, sometimes we just put the carrier on top of the table and try not to get food on him. We have tried using the high chair upside down, but still the carrier never fits quite right on top. So it was with great excitement, perhaps too much excitement, that when we went to a restaurant recently they brought out the Koala Kare Infant Seat Kradle. Of course, I had never seen one before, but it turns out they are fairly common in national chain restaurants. carseatcarrier

The carrier sits in the Kradle like a glove and makes me sad that I didn’t know about it for 7 months. We are in that in between zone between car carrier and car seat and LTD really doesn’t fit into the restaurant highchairs yet. All of this is a moot point because or days of taking him to restaurants are numbered since he grows increasingly active and vocal. I vowed I would not be one of the parents that lets their kid scream while people are trying to eat. Of course, I’m pretty certain I will break that vow the second I don’t want to cook and eat at home.

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