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Book Review – Little Scholastic

little 2LTD is at the perfect age to enjoy books and by enjoy books I mean he eats them. When we read to him we are really just getting him used to hearing new words and spending quality quiet time with him. However, the Little Scholastic line of books offers us a new way for the little guy to participate in the reading experience. Don’t get me wrong, he still tries to eat the books, but now he can at least use their “touch-and-feel” pages to benefit from tactile sensations. The books feature different animals with different textures. For instance, the dog might have a piece of soft fur the baby can touch and the lizard may have shiny scales to feel.

The series doesn’t really have a strong narrative style like The Little Engine That Could, they are more about teaching letters, words and numbers. I have to say that sometimes I don’t even read littlethem to him I just let him touch the different pages. I also enjoy touching the soft bunnies and sheep. I know what you’re thinking, but after a long day of childcare it helps me relax. The only downside is that some of the pages feature fold outs or pull a ways, like ‘what’s behind this door’ that you have to be mindful of so that the baby won’t rip them. It is pretty cool when you watch his eyes focus on a page and his fingers feel the fish scales or leaves rustle, but remember to keep one eye on the baby’s mouth cause after the fingers are done, working the jaws comes next.

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