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All Hallows Eve

LTD’s first Halloween has passed without incident. The little guy attended three parties and so far hasn’t caught a cold from being around so many people and babies. You could say it’s scary how much The Mommy loves Halloween and so she was in charge of all related events. She dressed LTD as a bumblebee and I have to admit he was pretty darn cute in the costume. The bee outfit was extremely poofy and it made it look like LTD had actually been stung by a bee and swelled up as a result. He was a good sport about all the fussing on him, one of the joys of being a parent of a 7 month old is that he doesn’t know that his parents have put him in a bee costume and paraded him around like a trophy. Another good thing about taking a baby to Halloween events is that he can’t eat any candy so I have to eat it for him.


PS: Happy Birthday to The Mommy!

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