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Such a Good Baby

tantrumIt happens mostly while we are in the checkout line of the supermarket. The comment usually comes from an older lady. She will say to me on behalf of LTD, “Wow, such a good baby.” What is the little guy doing to warrant such a favorable rating? Nothing. He just sits in his carrier in the cart staring around. So my question is this, what are other babies doing that is so horrific that when a baby does nothing special he is labeled good? I guess deep down I know why, they are flipping out while having a level 5 meltdown in public. But, every time someone tells me that LTD is such a good boy, when all he is doing is existing, it makes me think that some people imagine that babies throw tantrums every second of the day. It really seems like in their minds, all babies only cry always and whenever they see one in public and he isn’t crying they are truly shocked and amazed. Well, I’m here to tell you that if babies cried 24 hours a day, people would not have babies ever and we as a species would be extinct. So my message to all the ‘such a good baby’ people is to simply say, “such a cute baby” or better still “can I offer to help pay for college?”

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