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Return of the Jedi

west bear 2Winter may not be officially upon us yet, but nobody told the weather that. It has been cold lately and I can no longer walk the dog in flip-flops, T-shirt and shorts. The drop in temperature also means theWest Bear baby needs to be bundled up nice and tight. Our winter outfit of choice, the bear suit. We are talking about your basic snowsuit in brown fleece with a hood that features bear ears. How funny does LTD look wearing it? Very. Without fail every time we leave the house and he rocks the bear suit people stop and comment on it. However, there are some people that hate it, those people are of course die-hard Star Wars fans. It seems some feel that he looks like an Ewok in the suit and any real Star Wars fan knows that those little bastards ruined Jedi. The whole ordeal brings up one of my greatest fears. Someday when he is old enough I’m going to throw in Star Wars and we will be watching it for a few minutes when LTD turns to me and says, ‘Dad, this is stupid.’ Forcing me to, in return, say, ‘Son, you’re breaking my heart,’ and then in conclusion, LTD will finish the conversation by saying, ‘whatever.’ No matter what happens at least he will be warm.


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