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Product Review – Trumpette Socks

johnny_blue_thumbUnexpected gifts that turn out to be awesome are truly the best. LTD was brand new and factory fresh when we received the Johnny’s baby socks by Trumpette. We are talking about socks that look like trumpHigh-Top tennis sneakers, but make no mistake they really are socks. The socks come in six bright colors, if you are, like The Mommy, into coordinating socks with baby outfits. The soles have the word Trumpette printed twice in rubber for traction. When we go out, I can’t tell you how many times people have commented on the socks and how cool they are, which is saying something because LTD is so cute that usually most folks don’t make it past his adorable face. The Johnny’s stay on his feet better than most of the other socks we have, that is unless little baby hands interfere. I assume they also taste good because when he does take them off they make their way to his mouth pretty darn fast.

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