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Product Review – Space Saver™ High Chair

Space_Saver_High_ChairA few weeks ago two events collided and The Mommy and I needed to take action. First, the baby started eating solids and second, the baby started to pull himself out of the Bumbo seat. It was now time for a high chair. The Mommy did her research and it didn’t take long for me to start seeing dollar signs. In the end, we were in the weeds, all the cool high chairs were several hundred bucks and the cheap ones seemed obviously cheap, so we went to Buy Buy Baby to look first hand at our options. We went in thinking we would settle on a high chair, but instead we left with an unexpected treat, a low chair.

After speaking at length with the knowledgeable clerk he finally said, ‘why don’t you get the space saver model?’ We had used a version of the space saver high chair at grandma’s house and it worked high chariwell, but could we be so bold as to use one as our everyday high chair? Turns out we could. It was around fifty bucks and adjusts to fit him up through the toddler years. The space saver sits on a regular household chair and is fastened in place with two belts and LTD sits inside fastened in place with a five-point harness. On the occasions when we need to use the dinning room chair (for all the dinner parties we throw now that we have a 7 month old) the space saver unfastens quickly to be hidden in the closet. Do we regret not buying a stand-alone high chair? No, we do not.

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