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Product Review – PediPed Footwear

PediaPedThe Mommy and I have differing views on shoes for babies that can’t walk yet. I think they are basically silly and she thinks they are basically very cute. However, PediPed’s are indeed a hardcore baby shoe. The company is big into foot health and infant foot development, but none of that really interests me. In fact, for me, LTD only wears shoes right now for one reason and that reason is to keep his socks on. The shoes are the only thing on Earth that can keep socks on his feet and not on the floor or his mouth. Now that he is standing (with help) the shoes don’t look so silly on him.

I will tell you one thing that does freak me out about LTD when he wears his shoes; he looks like a little person instead of a baby. Truthfully, he looks more like a ventriloquist dummy when he is all peddressed up in big boy clothes, but The Mommy doesn’t like it when I sit him on my lap and we go through our whole Catskills routine. However, The Mommy can’t give me too much static because she is the one who play dress up with him turning him into a human doll. Now she will tell you that she is simply getting him dressed everyday, but you can’t tell me that he needs to wear a button down shirt, vest, dress pants and shoes just to go to the store. I will concede that when I dress him I only put him in a onesie, the baby equivalent of jeans and T-shirt. I guess when he wears shoes it feels like my little guy is growing up too quickly.

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