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Noah’s Ark

doubleEvery time The Mommy and I are faced with a baby product purchase that accompanies a large dollar amount, we asks ourselves one question, will we use it for the next kid? When we were deciding what stroller to get or car seat to buy we thought about getting something of higher quality, which comes with a higher price tag, so that the our next baby would also use it. I can think of no other justification to spend what ‘The Man’ wants us to pay for all these baby products. I have no problem justifying the expense if we are going to get some mileage out these big ticket items. I only hope that LTD doesn’t destroy them along the way.

I believe in the two child theory for a few reasons. The second child, assuming he isn’t Damian, can be a playmate for LTD. It is my understanding and experience that siblings never fight, so any little brother or sister LTD has will get along swimmingly with him. Yet, the real benefit of our having another child will reap maximum results decades from now during my and The Mommy’s end of life care. When LTD wants to pull my plug, hopefully his sister or brother will stop him. Oh, and also so he doesn’t have to go through all our end of life issues alone.

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