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Nice Cossak Dancing

Fisher Price Rainforest JumperooLately, I have been leaving LTD in the Jumperoo for ten minutes at a pop in order to get at least one thing accomplished a day. At first he didn’t really care for the Jumperoo, but now he uses it as god intended, he jumps. No, he really bounces, but they chose not to call it a Bounceroo, so what you gonna do? Mostly, he hangs out in the Jumperoo and tries to eat the various play items hanging off and sticking up. Sometimes though he goes a little nuts. He starts bouncing up and down while laughing. It doesn’t happen all the time, it’s like some kind of unknown force motivates him. The real sight to see happens for only a rare minute or two every so often and that is that he starts Russian folk dancing. Of course his arms aren’t folded but his legs are going in and out like crazy. The only thing missing is the music from the Chordophones. I haven’t yet be able to time it right to capture the dance on video, but hopefully I will because I think it will make a nice piece to embarrass him with when he has school friends over later in life.


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