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Media Review – Really Rosie

album-really-rosieMy quest to have LTD relive my childhood continues as we have been listening to perhaps the greatest children’s album of all time, Really Rosie as of late. This 1975 masterpiece not only features lyrics by rosie.headerchildren’s author and legend Maurice Sendak, but Carole King wrote the music and performs the songs as well. The album is based on books from Sendak’s The Nutshell Library. We are talking about Chicken Soup with Rice and One Was Johnny. I can’t stress enough that even though the album pre-dates Raffi and Barney, it stands the test of time and makes those “artists” pretenders to the throne. For my money, Pierre is the best track on Really Rosie. You can’t dance to it the way you can to the other songs, but the message runs deep. Pierre doesn’t care about anything and it gets him into mucho trouble. The lyrics still hold true to me today every time I ask someone where they want to eat dinner and they say they don’t care. It’s like they never listened to the song growing up and for that I feel less anger towards them and more sadness instead.

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  • By the way, I don’t care what we have for dinner tonight. Also – do you think it’s possible to get LTD through his early years without discovering that stupid purple dinosaur?

    The Mommy