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Little Caesar

egrobinEver since LTD started talking and by talking I mean babbling and mostly saying, baba, he has been making the funniest face when he tries to speak. He tucks in his chin and flattens his lips and cheeks bugrockwhen he says, ‘baba, ya ya.’ The thing is, he looks exactly like classic movie actor Edward G. Robinson when he talks. He also sounds a little bit like him, which is a weird impression since we have never let LTD watch a 30’s gangster film. This performance is particularly amusing as LTD occasionally will go on a talking jag for up to a half an hour. In between babas and ayeahs he also tends to blow raspberries with his lips a practice I don’t believe the late Robinson is known for. So we’ll call it an impression with a twist. The little guy is turning into quite the performance artist. Here’s hoping we get an NEA grant.

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