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I Laughed So Hard I Cried

happysad2LTD is not prone to tantrums and for the most part he plays things close to the vest. Occasionally though, he has bouts of insanely loud crying followed immediately by slightly less insanely loud laughing. He experiences what doctors at the nervous hospital call a mixed episode (that is if you take out all the scary words like bipolar, manic and depression in order to twist the meaning to apply to a situation in which a baby cries than quickly laughs). He does this sometimes when he is put on the changing table and for some reason starts to sharply cry, if you blow raspberries on his belly he then stops mid-cry and starts to laugh. Normally, it would be a little freaky and I would tell him to make up his mind already, but since he goes from crying to laughing or bad to good, I let it play out without too much thought as to why.

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