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Book Review – Put Me in the Zoo

zooThe 1960 children’s book Put Me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire is a layered piece. On the surface it is about a leopard who wants to live at the zoo and is denied entry only to find two kids who discover that he really belongs in the circus instead. However, it is really about the dreams and desires we want that we didn’t even know we wanted. The leopard’s journey of self discovery (isn’t really self discovery since the kids help him, is told through wild antics and even wilder colors. Also, Put Me in the Zoo wouldn’t be a true children’s classic without a little controversy. The book maybe almost 50 years old, but people still don’t know that the main character is a leopard (I guess the spots weren’t obvious enough). Check out this response by the author on Amazon.com. “Great reviews but I have to let everyone in on something, he is not a dog, bear or lion. I hope I don’t ruin your childhood memories. Spot is a leopard that can change his spots.” – Robert M. Lopshire

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