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To Find Out More Visit Your Local Library

LibraryThe baby and I have found a new place to live. Don’t worry we aren’t stepping out on The Mommy; sure the new place is our top-secret hideout, but only during the day. After dropping off The Mommy at the car pool at 8:30 in the morning LTD and I have limited options for travel destinations. What’s open that early? Wal-Mart and the grocery store. What opens at 9? The library. In our area, we have a number to choose from and LTD and I visit different ones to see what’s new. I’m not going to lie to you, some of these libraries got game. They are brand new, clean and big.

There is no one as zealous as a convert and when I tell people about the library I sound like a commercial. Brand new cds and dvds, magazines and books. Some of them even have café’s and books for sale on the cheap. LTD and I have picked up gently used children’s books for 50 cents. Being at the library is like being on a treasure hunt. In addition to the books on sale, each brings different selections to the ‘this just in’ section and besides it beats Wal-Mart.

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